Nashville Things To Do

Nashville is a melting pot of musical influences. It is a gateway city to the southern United States, because it is so close to Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia. Nashville is also the home of Nashville State University and the University of Nashville. Legendary country music destinations include the Grand Ole Opry House and Graceland Museum, home of the renowned Grand Ole Opry. The District, which features modern apartments and condos and is a popular shopping destination, is central to Nashville’s culture.

Nashville Things To Do

Nashville is about more than music, however. It is a melting pot of race and class. The Grand Ole Opry House is an example of a former white plantation home turned into a museum that houses hundreds of artifacts related to the history of plantation life in the United States. The museum has hosted many celebrities, including Elvis and Michael Jackson, but it is best known for housing the world’s largest collection of free willed timber from the early 1800s. This massive collection, which includes such wood as those from the original house of plantation owner Captain William Morgan, provides a glimpse into the lifestyle of what could be called the masters of American chattel.

In addition to the world-class museum and adjacent park, the Metro Nashville Zoo and Aquarium are another venue popular with tourists. The zoo has a zoo adjacent to the expansive Nashville mansion of Mrs. Hunter, which is adjacent to the museum. In addition to a zoo, the Nashville Art Museum features works by some of Nashville’s most well-known artists, including Rosemary Clooney and Jermaine Clement. There are also numerous outdoor exhibits at the Nashville Art Museum that allow visitors to explore the country music and blues music cultures of both the south and the north.

Children love the Nashville Predators ice skating rink, which is located in the outside of the Nashville mansion known as Mrs. Hunter. There are several seasonal attractions around the Nashville area, such as the Nashville Zoo and Aquarium, which attract people of all ages. Children love the zoo because there are numerous interactive exhibits and educational experiences designed to educate and amuse them. The Nashville Predators ice skating rink is open to the public on an irregular basis.

If you are looking for a quieter pastime or if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, look no further than the Nashville Parthenon. This museum is devoted to presenting the world view of Nashville and its surrounding areas. It is home to a collection of three centuries’ worth of exhibits, including an original edition of an African-American man’s corset. Aveares, an Italianate villa, was the birthplace of Nashville’s first doctor, Dr. Samuel Stone. A Spanish house, originally called “the dwelling of Love,” is on the site of this beautiful museum. The Parthenon is free to visit.

A number of Nashville things to do include taking a trip to the Nashville state park known as Woodfield Hills. Located within the Metro Nashville area, this state park is known for its unique bird life and other nature-based activities. You will also find nature trails, swimming beaches, picnic areas and a walking path that take you along the River Nashville. A beautiful setting for a quiet day in nature.

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