South America Travel Destinations

Is South America Latin America? To date, travelers who travel to South America have made the mistake of referring to South America as Latin America. Now, if even those who travel to South America have finally read about the main difference between Latin America and South America in blogs and Quora, how do we clearly explain the geographical difference here?

South America Travel

In South America, unlike in Central America, there are many high altitude treks to enjoy. In the case of South America travel, you can choose from places such as Patagonia, Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Peru. Although the high cost of airfare is a little bit discouraging for most South American travelers, the cost of accommodation is generally well worth it considering the scenery that you will see during your stay in South America.

Another key difference between South America travel is the visa requirements for entering the continent. With a few exceptions (Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay), all travelers to South America must obtain a visa upon arrival. For travelers coming from more southern locations such as Argentina, it is required to obtain a visa before traveling to Bolivia, Venezuela, or Brazil. However, if you are traveling south of the border into Argentina, you will not need a visa to enter South America; instead, you will need to apply for a visa through the Argentine embassy or consulate.

South America travel has also become popular with those who want to experience an entirely different type of South American culture. If you are a lover of archeology and anthropology, traveling through South America is the perfect avenue for you to learn more about their rich history. With thousands of years of human habitation spanning from the pre-historic age to the early colonized periods, South America can be an unforeseeable wealth of information. Unfortunately, due to the recent changes in immigration law, those who are planning to make a trip to South America will need to do a bit of research to ensure that their trip will remain safe and legal. With the increase of illegal border crossing along the countries’ borders in South America, it is essential that travelers be very careful when choosing a South American touring tour.

South America Travel also provides a unique opportunity to witness an indigenous lifestyle. With many different types of art, music, and dance, South America is a vibrant cultural melting pot. In addition to traditional indigenous art forms, you will also find a variety of modern art forms throughout South America. For example, in Ecuador, street artists ply their wares on the streets while Peru’s ancient cultures lay their influence on ceramics, stone, and metal work. As you travel throughout South America, you will also encounter many machos and baboons who live among the indigenous communities. Although these creatures may seem intimidating to some, they are actually quite friendly and will not attack unless provoked.

Finally, when researching and selecting South America tours, it is important to consult with local offices and government agencies. While there are many reputable travel agents and companies that provide South American travel needs, the safety and proper documentation of your travel plans are often best left in the hands of these professionals. There are regulations and policies regarding travel visas, passports, and permits. It is vital that you understand and adhere to all local laws before, during, and after your South America travels. Consulting with local offices will help ensure that your travel needs will be met and will ensure the most enjoyable South American trip possible.

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